Welcome to our blog!

We plan to use this to share news about our life and work in Amsterdam as well as some thoughts on other aspects of life.

At present we’re based at the BMS World Mission (www.bmsworldmission.org) International Mission Centre in Birmingham as we prepare to become BMS Mission Workers. In January 2016 we hope to relocate to the Netherlands and we will be working with the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (www.ibts.eu).

If you’re wondering about the blog name ‘Reclaimed Ground’ we’ve Catherine our daughter to thank for this idea. Amsterdam is largely built on land reclaimed from the sea. Indeed the Dutch are masters at reclamation and water management so the title seems very apt in that respect. However, more importantly, this late-in-life change of direction for us is also, in a sense, reclaiming ground that might otherwise have been taken up with a more predictable lifestyle and commitments. In addition our hope is that the work of the IBTS Centre can reclaim ground for the Kingdom of God, as it resources leaders, churches and mission agencies for work in the 21st Century.

We will also be sending out a Newsletter from time to time and you can sign up to receive it by following this link: David&Dorothy’s Newsletter