The day I wrestled with an alligator…

Yep, it was just another ordinary day at the International Mission Centre for me and Dot. It’s all part of preparation for work overseas. They take training seriously here in Birmingham. You would, however, be correct in assuming that I didn’t actually wrestle with an actual alligator, but metaphorically I did, honest!

This ‘ordinary’ day was a communications training day when the communications team from BMS World Mission HQ at Didcot came to encourage, equip and cajole us Mission Trainees in communicating with friends and supporters – that’s you.

Believe it or not, making the conscious decision to sit down and share what’s going on in my life with you isn’t that easy. You’re not the problem; in fact, knowing you are at the other end of this communication is really very important. The problem is with me, because sometimes writing feels awkward, a bit of a struggle, rather like wrestling with an alligator might feel.

The good news is that a hamster came to the rescue. A hamster called NUFKY – pronounce it however you like! NUFKY was introduced to us by Sarah, one of the communications team. You’ll not be surprised to learn that, not unlike the alligator, NUFKY the hamster didn’t actually make an appearance during the training session but if you google NUFKY you will find that he, or she, really is a hamster. Check it out for yourself:

Our NUFKY is not a furry little rodent but an acrostic, an aid to writing which stands for:

  • Not too long (check)
  • Use the best stuff first (maybe)
  • First five words are important (not so good)
  • Kung Fu titles make a difference (I agree, that requires further interpretation but I’ll leave you to work it out for yourself)
  • You – that’s me and that’s you. Writing about my life and writing for you. While doing so might feel like wrestling with an alligator it’s worth it because without knowing you are there and interested life could be pretty lonely.

Learning to wrestle with an alligator, yet another useful training day at IMC. There have been lots of them and I anticipate there will be lots more in the weeks ahead. I’ll keep you posted.

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