Moving to England? 11 things to know first (if you are Irish)


  1. They speak English but not as we know it – mispronunciations are welcome to englandcommon (stayk instead of steak; ideer instead of idea) and hardly anyone understands standard greetings such as “’Bout ye, wee lad”.
  2. There is still a potato famine on ‘the mainland’ but apparently there are lots of rice and pasta fields.
  3. Humour is different and Irish wit (usually involving a bit of sarcasm) is not always appreciated… so, saying “What, you mean you are going out wearing THAT?” to your new English friends may not be a great idea!
  4. England is a much bigger place than Ireland – you can drive for hundreds of miles without falling into the sea.
  5. People only use a small section of their actual name – Jo, Sue, Phil, Steve, Kat, Dave…
  6. Roads are known by strange codes eg “Take the B39870 and then the C4693 to the junction with the M1” instead of our more descriptive “Drive over towards More Drizzling and turn right about a mile before the big church”.
  7. When you ask for a cup of tea, that is precisely what you will get – and certainly not a traybake.
  8. Rush hour may last for a whole actual hour!
  9. ‘Supper’ is really dinner and is certainly not a tableful of sandwiches, cream buns and cake eaten immediately before you go to bed.
  10. They absolutely do not and never will understand the ABE rule in sport. Do not attempt to explain it.
  11. You can do this! It is possible to be Irish and survive in England – there are lots of us here. Seek us out!

Dorothy (Dot)


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