Living in a Windmill

… in Old Amsterdam. There are more than 1000 windmills left in the Netherlands today and about 150 of those are used as homes. Thankfully, we don’t live in one – I imagine it would be fairly draughty on a January windmill reducednight! Instead we are settling into our little house in the New West area of Amsterdam, just five minutes’ walk from the Baptist House, where we will be working. We packed up Monti 2 in Bicester on Tuesday and drove to Harwich to catch the overnight crossing to Hook of Holland. Our prayers for a smooth crossing (so Dot could travel without a Stugeron fix) were fully answered and, after a great night’s sleep, we emerged from the ferry into a new country on a dark winter morning. When we reached our house, we were greeted by Stuart, the rector (principal) of IBTS Centre, who had brought us flowers, some food essentials and a really warm welcome! The house is fully furnished, so we didn’t need to bring too much with us at this stage – many boxes remain in Bicester for moving later when we get longer-term accommodation. So, here we are – one year on from the initial conversation at a meeting (in Amsterdam) that led to us moving here. In the words of the famous Beatles’ song, it’s been a ‘long and winding road’.

(PS – Stugeron, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, are anti-sickness tablets!)


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