Screaming Beans

Once upon a time Jack went to market and swapped the family cow for a handful of magic beans. His mum was delighted. Wrong! She was mad with rage and she flung the beans out of the window. Next morning Jack heard screaming in the back garden. He ran outside to hear the beans yell: ‘Look at us! Look at us!’ On closer inspection, he saw that overnight they had grown into coffee plants which were covered in lovely ripe berries. Jack and his mum harvested the berries, roasted them on the fire and within a year they had established a chain of coffee bars across Amsterdam – all called Screaming Beans.

This week was Futures Week here at IBTSC and on Wednesday morning all seven of us on the staff team took a break from talking, planning, listening, debating etc and caught the bus into Amsterdam City centre to have brunch together at Screaming Beans. The coffee bar website gives no explanation of their strange name so I felt compelled to supply my own version above…

screaming beans pic

IBTS Centre staff team at Screaming Beans

Also one evening this week David and I had a takeaway pizza and chips for dinner. I had a strong craving for baked beans with my chips – preferably but not necessarily Heinz. So I skipped across the road to our local supermarket and waded through the aisles of gherkins, pea and ham soup, stroopwafels… no baked beans anywhere. Never mind. I trudged home and managed to enjoy the pizza and chips despite my disappointment. After all, mission workers have to make sacrifices! Next morning on my way to the Baptist House I glanced through the window of the same supermarket and spotted… yes, a whole shelf of baked beans, including Heinz. They were placed, for some odd reason, in the fruit and veg section. If only baked beans could learn to scream!

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