Mission in apocalyptic times

Some thoughts from one of our colleagues working in Peru.

When Llamas smile

I have just finished writing up the notes for the eschatology section of my systematic theology course. This has led me to reflect on the way in which we seem to be living in apocalyptic times. This has probably been compounded by the fact that most of the science fiction that I have watched in recent years is post-apocalyptic in nature. The secularized postmillenialism of the Jetsons or even Back to the Future 2 has long gone. Rather the futuristic scenarios tend to envisage one or more of (1) invasion by hostile aliens (2) the fallout from nuclear disaster (3) the aftermath of environmental disaster, global epidemics and terrifying genetic mutations.

By “apocalyptic times” I am making no claim to have an insight into the imminence or not of Christ’s return. All I am implying is that we are living in days in which many Christians find that they are…

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