Just for the Record

We have always loved records. Not rows of numbers on Excel spreadsheets, but those beautiful twelve-inch vinyl discs that play music. Soon after we got married in 1978 we bought a record deck and continued to build up our record collection for the next fifteen years or so. By the early 1990s CDs were becoming very popular (although they had actually been developed in the late 1970s – it took us a while to catch on!) and soon most people, ourselves included, had moved to this newer, smaller, sanitised (non-scratchy), altogether more convenient form of home music production. When we moved house in 2006 we didn’t bother to unpack our old record deck – though we also couldn’t bring ourselves to dump either it or our stash of records. We got rid of our huge speakers and old amplifier but kept the records and deck safely in the roofspace for another nine years. When we moved our possessions to England in 2015 we brought the whole lot yet again. But why? Then a few months ago David was gripped by nostalgia: why not get the record player going again and listen to some of those old classics? cropped copy So, on a recent trip to England in Monti (our trusty camper van), we brought back the record deck and records along with their storage unit which David had lovingly designed and built during the 1980s. We picked up old but high quality speakers and an amplifier for next to nothing from our local Kringloop (Dutch second-hand warehouse) and Bob’s Your Uncle – ready to go! Over the past week or two we have been rediscovering our rather varied collection of music: from Mozart to the Muppets; Gershwin to Genesis; Planxty to Police; Dylan to Delius and many more. Dot found her fourteen James Galway discs (yes, fourteen) – he looks so young on the record sleeves! Our Christian music collection comes mainly from the late 1970s when artists like Andrae Crouch and the Swedish choir Choralerna visited Belfast and played in the Grosvenor Hall. That certainly dates us! We also dug out a few surprises: does anyone know who Ry Cooder is/was? No, neither do we, but we seem to have five of his albums! It’s quite possible these belong to someone else who maybe lent them to us for a week or two and we have accidentally kept them for about 20 years! On the other hand we seem to have lost some treasures we were quite certain we had – that bright yellow vinyl of Adrian Snell hasn’t re-emerged so we must have lent it to someone else… Ah well, nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be!

‘…our fundamental values …are not our policies’ – so said Rex Tillerson the US Secretary of State in his recent address to State Department employees. At the heart of a speech that ranged over a wide range of contemporary world issues was the question of how to translate “America First” into foreign policy. Tillerson…

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