Dot in clogs Aug 17Just enjoyed a touristy weekend. Our friend Barbara came to visit from Belfast for a few days and, in between the inevitable and incessant chatter, we did some touristy things.   We took the bus and train into Amsterdam and did a tour of the new Baptist House where David and I work (Barbara treated everyone to cake at coffee time, so she is welcome to come again!). Then we wandered around the streets, bridges, canals and shops of central Amsterdam for the rest of the day.  On Saturday we visited Zaanse Schans – according to the website it is ‘a unique piece of Dutch history on the river Zaan’. As well as lots of windmills, traditional weaving, chocolate making, museums and souvenir shops, we saw a clog being made (fascinating process) and also tried on some slightly oversized ones (silly touristy thing number one). We ate apple tart (compulsory fare here) and even took a selfie in front of a windmill (silly touBarbara J and Dot Aug 17risty thing number two).  We completed the weekend by going to the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam on Sunday morning and having lunch with the Blythes at our favourite wee pancake house in the Flower Market. Then we were off to deliver Barbara to Schiphol so she could go on a proper holiday for a week to recover!

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