It will be lonely…

P1060525People often wonder how Scottish Stuart and Irish Dave managed to work together at IBTSC. Well, it wasn’t difficult and it was fun.  We had a lot in common. People had difficulty understanding us (particularly Stuart) when we spoke. We’re both pipers – no I don’t play the bagpipes, work it out for yourself.  We shared a similar kind of humour, the ‘always slag off your mate as much as possible’ kind of humour. We shared each other’s toys, little windup toys, we amassed a great collection and our favourite was the woodpecker. We had such fun with the woodpecker.  We both spent Wednesdays trying to avoid Dorothy – that’s her day in the office. We spent everyday trying to avoid Marianne and there’s a reason the library was on a different floor of the building – sorry Pieter!

In practice our working week went along the following lines:

Monday morning we’d look at each other wondering how we both managed to end up in the Netherlands.  Then we would proceed to lament the coffee on offer before a conversation about what needed to be done by Friday – and what there was half a chance of getting done by Friday.


A few days in the pressure would tell on one of us – usually Stuart would crack first and start throwing a starfish on his head.  Ok, so he never actually threw a starfish but he would start playing with the windup toys and playing bagpipe music loudly.


Inevitably I too would succumb to a little craziness and need my level headed colleague to  pull me back from the edge of insanity with one of those ‘wise up and catch yourself on wee lad’ looks


By the end of the week all composure was gone and we just embraced crazy.


Stuart, I will miss your friendship, companionship and craic. Here’s a little tune to bring a tear to the eye




baby blogger

20170912_085937064_iOSmy name is isla beckett. i am 1 year and 1 month old. my mummy and daddy took me on a big boat to visit granny and grandpa dave. they live in the netherlands – it’s a place not in england with no hills but yummy apple tart. i had lots of fun walking (daddy helped me), sleeping in a travel cot, eating cake and writing this blog for you.  mummy and granny took me in my buggy to a café. it was great – they fed me pieces of apple tart and cake so they could chatter in peace. why do adults talk so much? it is a mystery to me. i understand loads of words IMG_2691but i only say really important ones like ‘uh, oh’ – the adults all think that is funny; ‘mamama’ and ‘dadada’ – my parents love those ones; and ‘row, row, row’ – the start of my favourite song. i could say the whole song but there’s no need – the adults join in as soon as i start and i just leave it to them after that. anyway, now we are off again on our european tour – to belgium and then france and then back to the mainland (what england will be called after the brexit thing). i am having a fab holiday and i hope you enjoy my baby blog.
the end.