baby blogger

20170912_085937064_iOSmy name is isla beckett. i am 1 year and 1 month old. my mummy and daddy took me on a big boat to visit granny and grandpa dave. they live in the netherlands – it’s a place not in england with no hills but yummy apple tart. i had lots of fun walking (daddy helped me), sleeping in a travel cot, eating cake and writing this blog for you.  mummy and granny took me in my buggy to a café. it was great – they fed me pieces of apple tart and cake so they could chatter in peace. why do adults talk so much? it is a mystery to me. i understand loads of words IMG_2691but i only say really important ones like ‘uh, oh’ – the adults all think that is funny; ‘mamama’ and ‘dadada’ – my parents love those ones; and ‘row, row, row’ – the start of my favourite song. i could say the whole song but there’s no need – the adults join in as soon as i start and i just leave it to them after that. anyway, now we are off again on our european tour – to belgium and then france and then back to the mainland (what england will be called after the brexit thing). i am having a fab holiday and i hope you enjoy my baby blog.
the end.

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