Breaded Chicken

SONY DSC Being an organised sort of person, I took two chicken breasts out of the freezer before breakfast and set them on a plate beside the sink. They would have plenty of time to defrost and we could have a lovely risotto for that evening’s dinner. Throughout the morning, every time I passed them I turned them over and prodded them to make sure they were thawing out nicely. After lunch time I was making a cup of coffee when I glanced at the chicken plate – Shock! Horror! There was only one chicken breast! Where had the other one gone? Ok, Miss Marple, time to get thinking… I knew I had left the back door open for a minute or two to take some rubbish out to the bin. untitledHad a cat come in and stolen my chicken breast? Not being fond of these feline creatures, I nervously searched the whole house in case one was having a silent feast under a bed or behind a chair. No luck. Then I revised my theory: the cheeky jackdaws that were trying to build a nest above our bedroom window might have swooped in and stolen the tasty meat. But do Dutch jackdaws eat meat? And why would they be satisfied with one piece when a second lay available beside it? Anyway, in the absence of a better idea, I settled for this as the solution to the Mystery of the Missing Chicken Breast. I related my theory to David when he returned from work and he was rather sceptical but had no better ideas to contribute to the think tank. So there it was – strange but (apparently) true!
Next day, I felt likiStock_000010753409Largee some toast for lunch and went to the cupboard to get the bread box. Inside the bread box, looking strangely smug, was a chicken breast! Now, how could that possibly have got there? Do cats or jackdaws know how to open and replace plastic sealed lids? They must do! I certainly would never do something that silly…

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