Rijsenhout says NO.

IMG-20171005-WA0001 We were driving merrily along, heading for our local recycling centre, when we saw it – Rijsenhout zegt NEE (Rijsenhout says NO). Why are the residents of Rijsenhout saying NO? It seems the local authority is proposing to site high voltage cables in the village and people feel strongly opposed to it. That took us back a few years ─ more than thirty, actually ─ to when there were Ulster Says NO signs on townhalls, council offices, gable walls and billboards in Northern Ireland to protest at the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement. Around the same time Nancy Reagan (wife of the US president) used the slogan Just Say NO to encourage American young people to stand up against recreational illegal drug use. More recently, on UN World Day of Human Trafficking this year, faith leaders in Malaysia signed a joint declaration to Say NO to human trafficking and urged other countries and groups to join the campaign. Psychologists note that we often find it difficult to say NO – we spend a lot of our lives trying to fit in and not to be different from the crowd. But it strikes me as important that we do learn to say NO when the issue is important and goes against our convictions of what is morally right. As I watched BBC News coverage of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China this past week, it was clear that nobody was going to stand up in that gathering with a Say NO to Communism banner. Thank God we live in a society where everyone is free to protest and let’s defend their right, whether we agree with them or not.


1 thought on “Rijsenhout says NO.

  1. Very good article. China looks positively monolithic. I recently attended a conference in Dubai (someone had to do it!) where the Chinese contributors all spoke of the inevitability of China becoming the dominant world power for the next century.


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