A Post-Christmas Ditty

snow In the bleak mid-winter
Christmas came and went.
All the presents bought and wrapped,
Cards received and sent.
We put up our tiny tree
With its lights and snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Just a month ago.

We stayed in Nieuw Vennep
And some family came,
Simon, Sarah and their boys,
Joel and Luke by name.
Grandpa Dave and Granny –
Energy quite low –
Had their batteries recharged
Just two weeks ago.

We went to a circus,
Played in muddy parks,
Took a trip to Amsterdam,
Visited landmarks.
We sang carols at our church,
Ate meals long and slow,
Films, games, stories, jigsaws…
Not so long ago.

Now the house is quiet,
Family have left,
Ibuprofen eases aches,
Still we feel bereft.
We have both gone back to work,
Christmas come and gone.
And the bleak mid-winter
Simply carries on.