Our UK Tour

Just back from our UK tour – me (Monti), Dave and Dot. We three have been together for two and a half years now, so I reckon I can shorten their names without getting into trouble. Anyway, about the tour… Every year or two Dave and Dot go back to the UK to do what they call ‘Home Assignment’. This involves travelling around parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland visiting churches and friends to report on their work at IBTSC in Amsterdam. Monti As you can imagine, I love travelling. I am a Fiat Ducato 115BHP engine Auto Trail Tribute camper van and I just live for a good long journey. The Netherlands is ok but there are no hills. I found Pembrokeshire in Wales much more fun – narrow roads, steep hills and lots of traffic. Dot was scared out of her wits going up a 1:5 hill in Little Haven, with no room to pass and cars coming both ways. She seriously underestimated Dave and me – we are the original Dream Team.  At least I thought we were; but I was seriously disappointed when he left me behind PARKED!! in a driveway in Bicester while they flew to Belfast for a week. I was so looking forward to seeing the Giant’s Causeway – ah well, maybe another time. One day I took them to BMS World Mission Headquarters in Didcot, Oxfordshire and, while D&D were inside doing updates and recording interviews, I dozed in the carpark. If you want to see the interviews, try this link . Then suddenly Dave started bringing people out to the carpark to admire me – I was seriously flattered. One guy even took photos of us three with pretend cups of coffee and holiday smiles on. It was cool. The last big trip we did on Home Assignment was up to Manchester and then on to Carlisle (I loved the M6) to visit some nice people. Sadly it’s all over now and, after a lonely night on car deck of the Harwich to Hoek van Holland ferry, I took them back to Nieuw Vennep and my little parking spot behind the house. Home sweet home! DavidandDorothy1 By the way, I hope you like the photos – I always insist that we carry the latest Engage magazine so Dave and Dot have the latest news from BMS. Otherwise, they tend to read Good Housekeeping or Motorhome Monthly. I hate it when they read that last one as it has lots of adverts for shiny new vans and they might start to think the unthinkable!