La Belle France

Bonjour, tout le monde! We have just got back from our ‘summer’ holidays – though they were rather late, they were well worUs and grandchildren Sept 2018th waiting for. We started off with a visit to the family in England, when we ‘hung out’ with our grandchildren for a few days (I think their parents may have been there somewhere too).

We also called into BMS HQ at Didcot and Dorothy can now sleep better at nights, as she was able to get her Christmas cards bought there. If you are totally disorganised and haven’t bought yours yet (just joking!), BMS have a great range and you can order online at

After England we made our first journey (in Monti, of course) through the Eurotunnel to France and headed south from Calais to Annecy in the Alps. P1070547 We first visited the beautiful lake and town in 1988 with a Baptist Youth team from Northern Ireland and our daughters aged 7 and 4. Thirty years on, it is still a lovely place to visit – as you can see from the picture.

Then Monti took us to the Rhone Valley and we found a very quiet campsite, where the only noises were birds singing and leaves falling in the forest around us! The site was almost deserted and we enjoyed the peace and quiet – reading, sleeping a lot, walking aDSC_0686 bit and visiting the village patisserie. Our next campsite was in the Dordogne – it had only about 20 occupants on a site with 150 spaces as it was mid-October. We had the indoor and outdoor pools to ourselves and loved the beautiful plants and shrubs, all laid out like a botanical garden.  After a few days in Cognac (the place, not the liquid) we went back to England for a farewell party for the Sellars family (Sarah, Simon and their boys) as they get ready to move to live in God’s Own Country (N. Ireland).

Then it was a drive to Harwich to catch the ferry to Hoek van Holland and home to Nieuw Vennep. Four weeks out – time to jump back in…