IMG-20181115-WA0001Week Three of the ‘woningverbetering’. This is the ‘house improvement’ scheme that our landlord is carrying out on all 48 houses in our area. The builders moved in during early summer to carry out Stage One – installing new bathrooms and kitchens. Ours were new when we moved in nearly three years ago, so we escaped Stage One. Then in August, Stage Two began – a much more major job for our house. This time they are replacing roof tiles, all windows, front and back doors; installing solar panels, cavity wall and underfloor insulation and even putting a new roof on our bike shed. This being the Netherlands, the whole business is highly organised. The project foreman visited every house to explain what’s involved, to advise how to prepare and to deliver plastic sheets to cover furniture, plus one pair of earplugs per resident! Ours is the last house to be ‘improved’ – number 48 in the queue. We are hopeful that after doing 47 other houses, they will be faster, well-practised and highly motivated to get off-site before Christmas. The whole project is due to finish by mid-December. We look forward to that date and to being much ‘improved’.