Porridge? Yes, please!

This morning I made porridge. It was my first bowl of 2019. Breakfast cereals are fine for holiday mornings, but work days require work food – porridge. img-20190107-wa0003 And it tasted good! I was looking through the inevitable New Year healthy living/weight loss tips in the newspaper at the weekend and trying to find the least demanding and most reassuring ones (isn’t that what everyone does?) when I came across Richard Branson’s personal trainer’s ‘top 10 tips for a health reboot’. Guess what Tip 6 is? Yes, it’s ‘Eat porridge for breakfast’. Tip 1 is ‘Don’t join a gym’ and I have been totally successful in that one too. So (ignoring the other 8 more demanding tips) I feel pretty healthy and ‘rebooted’ already (especially as I bought a new pair just before Christmas).

pic Speaking of Christmas – Christmas and New Year were great. We got to spend time with both our daughters and their families – one in England and the other in N. Ireland (see photos).  We visited wider family, our home church at Windsor in Belfast and many more friends. It hardly rained at all – very unusual for the UK – so we did lots of walking in the countryside and even tackled some hills (not possible in the Netherlands). We thoroughly enjoyed the break. Now it’s ‘back to porridge’ – in so many ways! January is the busiest month of the IBTSC year, so we need to say ‘Yes, please!’ not only to the breakfast food but also to the ‘porridge’ of routine and our daily work. Happy New Year!

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