Meeting Eve

Eve 1We have just returned from a trip to England to meet our newest granddaughter. Eve Caitlin Beckett arrived a few days early on Thursday 31st January. She was in a hurry to join the family, giving her Mum and Dad only a few minutes in the hospital before she came into the world. Eve’s big sister Isla (2) is proving to be a very expert helper and she certainly had plenty of advice and instructions for Granny and Grandpa Dave on all aspects of baby care! Her cousins Joel (7) and Luke (6) are also delighted with their new cousin, but now that they are living in N Ireland they couldn’t just run around to the Beckett house to see her but have had to make do with Skype. EveLike most new parents, Tom and Catherine are adjusting to sleep deprivation, having two children, getting into new routines and coping with visiting grandparents! They are all doing wonderfully well and we give thanks for the blessing of this new little lady who has already enriched us all so much.

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