Ruth and Uel

They joined us two years ago. We called them Ruth and Uel. At first, they were easy house guests, happy to stay at home all day while we were out at the office. They enjoyed the sunshine streaming through the living room window and, as long as we gave them plenty of water to drink, all was well. We have quite a lot of visitors and, at meal times, Ruth and Uel sat close to the table and listened intently to every conversation. Just like their namesakes (known to some of you, I’m sure), they were quiet and unobtrusive. After a few months, they really needed to spend some time outside, so we let them stay in the back garden during the day, taking care to bring them inside every evening before dark. Then the summer heat came and we were able to leave them outside day and night without any problems. Finally, last spring, it seemed the back garden wasn’t really big enough for both of them, so we separated them and moved Uel to a nice spot at the front of the house. They are both well settled now and seem likely to be here long after we leave.

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to leave an Irish oak tree in the Netherlands?’ said Uel (the acorn donor, two years ago). Looks like we have exceeded that by leaving two! That got me thinking about what else we might be leaving behind when our time in Nieuw Vennep and Amsterdam is over: will our neighbours be saying; ‘I remember those Irish people – they planted two Irish oak trees’, or will there be something more enduring than that?


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