We’re on the road again…

D and D in flower power car Yes – we’ve been doing lots of travelling recently. No – we haven’t swapped Monti for a vintage Beetle!That’s a picture of us in a ‘flower power’ car at the world-famous Keukenhof tulip festival at Easter. Sarah, Simon, Joel and Luke came to stay over Easter weekend and we all drove an hour and a half to Zwolle to visit Dinoland. Dot Dave and boys at Keukenhof The seven million tulips at Keukenhof (all planted by hand each year for the six-week festival) were hugely impressive and very beautiful, but our grandsons definitely preferred the dinosaur centre activities (and actually the adults quite enjoyed them too!). Family at DInoland A few days later we packed up Monti and headed for the Hoek van Holland to Harwich ferry. After one day in Bicester with Tom, Cathy, Isla and Eve, it was time to be off again – flying to Belfast to begin our four-week annual Home Assignment, when we visit friends, family and churches across the UK that support us in our work in Amsterdam. We’ve spent the first two weeks in Northern Ireland – visiting our home church, Windsor Baptist, and meeting lots of friends at an Open Day kindly hosted by Sarah and Simon and the boys at their house near Lisburn. We shared a service at Windsor Baptist with an energetic group of four young people (appropriately named an Action Team) who have just returned from six months working with BMS World Mission in Thailand. They were inspiring! We’ve also fitted in some house hunting to get an idea of possible places to settle when we finish our term with BMS next March. In a day or two we’re off back to England and Wales for more visits …

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