School’s Out!

It’s late July and school’s out. Here in the Netherlands, the school holidays are set by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science. The three main holidays – Autumn (around Hallowe’en), Spring (around Easter) and Summer – are staggered in order to avoid excessively busy times on the roads, ports and airports. How do they manage this? Easy: the country is divided into three regions and each region has different (but overlapping) holiday dates. All the schools in each region have the same holidays. After two years, the schedule is swapped around, so you get a chance to have early, middle and late timings for your holidays. How sensible! This also means that the government does not allow parents to take their children out of school for holidays during term time, though exactly how that is policed I don’t know. At the Baptist House, where we work, most people are now on holiday. That’s turned out to be a good thing for them, as this week temperatures have been in the mid-30s and it is exceedingly hot in our flat-roofed offices. At home we manage to keep cool by closing all the windows, doors and curtains and by having a fan on at night. Our holiday times are generally off-season these days, so we are looking forward to September when it will be cooler and everyone else will be back at work! Meantime, Happy Heatwave!

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